Mhlume Factory
Mhlume Factory

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RSSC Subsidiaries

Royal Swazi Distillers

The Royal Swazi Distillers is a manufacturer of potable grade alcohol based in Swaziland and supplies markets in Europe as well as the Far East and parts of Africa.

Mananga Sugar Packers

Mananga Sugar Packers is a is a 50/50 joint venture between RSSC and Tsb Sugar International (Proprietary) Limited. MSP also produces specialty sugars such as castor and icing sugar for the SACU market. One of MSP’s aims is to add downstream value to sugar produced within Swaziland. The plant is situated at RSSC's Mhlume Factory and has other packaging contracts in addition to First Sugar.

Quality Sugars

Quality Sugars (Pty) Ltd., an independent business, of which RSSC is a shareholder, operates the complete marketing function from its head office in Johannesburg. The sugar is produced, packed in various locations and dispatched to its customers nationally on a 24-hour basis. The Selati Brand is very strong in wholesale, and the top national retail chains continually promote the Selati Brand as a key "known value item" in their repertoire to attract more customers to their stores.

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