Mhlume Factory
Mhlume Factory

Apprentice Programme

The apprentice programme is a structured and performance-driven programme which develops the technical skills and supervisory capability of qualifying high calibre school leavers into skilled crafts people through practical on-the-job training in the various disciplines offered at RSSC.  The duration of the programme is five years, throughout which the trainee will cover both on-the-job as well as formal college and skills training. 

 The minimum requirements for the Apprenticeship Programme are a credit pass in Mathematics, English and Science.  A credit in technical drawing and a minimum of N3 post schooling certificate is an added advantage. 

The trades offered are as follows: 

 Mechanical Engineering                              Automotive Engineering

 Fitting                                                                  Light Motor Mechanic

Machining                                                             Auto Electrical

Boiler-making                                                        Diesel Mechanic

Welding                                                                Heavy Plant Mechanic

Electrical Engineering                                  Mechanical Drafting




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