Mhlume Factory
Mhlume Factory


The Student Internship Programme aims at providing students who are on block release or modular type training an opportunity to gain the necessary industrial exposure which is a requirement of their tertiary training. 

The programme also provides interns with real work experience and assists them in developing their skills under the supervision and guidance of experienced professionals.  It also assists interns in reinforcing their career choices because during the programme they do work that is challenging and recognized by the organization as valuable, and also related to their subject major.

 During this period the line managers provide real work assignments by setting job related objectives and emphasizing the importance of real work assignments during a manager/mentor feedback sessions, and communicating with interns frequently throughout the work term to provide direction and to determine who the future stars are.

 The programme which targets the critical and scarce skills also provides a gateway for RSSC to explore and identify talent before it hits the job market to that talent can be attracted early to feed into the corporation’s talent and succession pipeline.