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Donation ensures food for 70

RSSC has come to the rescue of children of poverty-stricken Maphatsindvuku community in the Lubombo region by annually providing financial aid to ensure that they receive at least one meal a day.

The area’s residents used to survive on produce from the community garden, but this garden has literally ceased to exist.

The Maphatsindvuku Care-point used to be a hive of activity as the garden produce was used to feed the children at the Care Point.

The RSSC donation has injected new blood into the Care Point’s feeding scheme as it has again become a hive of activity.

About 70 children are fed through the RSSC donation at the Care Point, with some being pupils at the Care Point’s pre-school and others attending formal education in schools around Maphatsindvuku and Siteki.

The demand for the food has compelled the Care Point to open even on Saturdays and Sundays because the children do not have anywhere to get food except at the Care Point.