Mhlume Factory
Mhlume Factory



The RSSC Medical Services provides primary health care to a population of about 30 000 people, of which about 2 500 are employees who live on the estate. There are three static clinics based at Lusoti, Mhlume and Ngomane estates which provide outpatient, limited inpatient, radiology, laboratory, dispensing, occupational health, community health, TB and HIV/AIDS services.

HIV/AIDS was declared a strategic business issue and is being managed at the highest level in the business. The corporation, in conjunction with NERCHA and the Ministry of Health, have rolled out free ARV medication to employees and members of the surrounding community

 RSCC has a very strong structural and institutional arrangement with respect to favorable infrastructure and systems relevant to HIV and AIDS interventions i.e. prevention, treatment, care and support and impact mitigation.o As a result the company was among the first in the country to set up a comprehensive HIV and AIDS program that was informed by findings of a locally based prevalence study of 2003 and periodic conduction of risk assessments under the Occupational Safety and health and AMS 16001 standard.

RSSC has an HIV and AIDS management policy which strongly upholds to the ethics of confidentiality and non-discrimination between HIV infected employees.  Workplace HIV and AIDS initiatives are implemented on an ongoing basis for both the permanent employees as well as contract labourers which also helps sensitize employees and reduce stigma and discrimination.

For its efforts in this endeavor, RSSC received an award from NOSCAR for excelling in the Management of HIV/AIDS as evidenced by the achievement of the five ribbons certification on AMS 16001:2003