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Agriculture Structure

The General Manager heads the division assisted by seven Heads of Departments to manage a total area of over 21000 hectares under sugarcane including managed farms and assist an area of over 10 000 hectares of Outgrower sugarcane. The other responsibilities include providing transport and water services to the entire RSSC.

The Agriculture Production Department is responsible for growing the right amount of quality sugarcane on estate and managed farms.  The estate is split into four subunits managed by Field Managers that ensure proper crop husbandry practices and attention to detail.

The Agriculture Services Department provides engineering and operational services to the agriculture division, RSSC at large and even outside cane growers. This is done through three main functional streams; Agricultural Engineering Services, Workshop Services and Harvesting Operations.

The Outgrower Development Department assists farmers who are external of RSSC to grow quality sugarcane at the right quantities while ensuring business viability.  The department also manages the extension services to these farmers on behalf of the Swaziland Sugar Association.

The IMS Management Department ensures that the division subscribes to best practice.  The areas covered include safety, health, environment and quality.  The division is ISO certified in all the areas listed.

The Water Resources Department supplies water for irrigation, potable and industrial use to RSSC and other farms external to RSSC.  The other functions include maintenance of water delivery infrastructure and irrigation equipment as well as installation of replacement or new infrastructure.

The Technical Services Department assists sugarcane production by providing relevant and up to date technical information on farming practices.  The department also runs an accredited laboratory that services both RSSC and external clients including those from regional Southern Africa.

The Agricultural Development and Projects Departments’ primary function is looking for opportunities for expansion through the acquisition of new land or leasing arrangements that are aimed at RSSC remaining on the competitive edge.