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Mhlume Factory



The Finance Division provides a service to RSSC through six departments namely; Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance Projects, Property Services Information Technology and Risk Management.


The Division provides a financial management service to RSSC, mainly through the Financial Accounting and Management Accounting Departments.

Financial Accounting includes monthly accounting, half-year and year-end accounting, fixed assets, taxation, payroll, debtors, creditors and treasury management.

Management accounting includes, annual budgeting, monthly reporting with comparisons and analyses against budget, forecasting and the completion of the five year business plan.


As a continuously growing entity, RSSC makes significant acquisitions and capital expenditure decisions annually. Such strategic decisions could account for as much as +E300 million in a financial year.

The Finance Projects Department was established to address the growing need for financial information reports and analysis, with respect to acquisitions, capital expenditure and the Strategic and Five Year plans. This service is provided at Divisional and Corporate level, working closely with all Divisional Heads as and when required.


The Information Technology Department provides a service to over 700 users, distributed across nine main sites.

The Client Services function is responsible for the delivery of all desktop and client services, including PC, service desk management, printing and desktop application support.

The Application Services function is responsible for the delivery of applications to the business through support as well as development and implementation.

The Infrastructure Services function is responsible for the delivery of the servers, operating systems, databases and network connectivity to all users. This includes the Internet, email, WAN, LAN and MLAN.

The Governance function ensures that all within the IT department comply with the policies, procedures and standards to which RSSC subscribes. Our vision is to provide excellent services in order that we all achieve the current and future strategic targets.


The department provides municipal and housing facilities directly to employees, Divisions as well as to third parties around Simunye, Mhlume, Ngomane and Tshaneni estates.

The building and civil engineering function is responsible for carrying out both ad hoc and planned maintenance to commercial structures and the housing stock of over 5500 houses.

The housing function is responsible for allocation of houses to company employees and third parties across RSSC.  It also coordinates and manages an informal business sector of 248 registered members.

The parks and sanitation function is responsible for environmental management. Solid waste from all the commercial and residential areas is disposed off in the landfill while the quality of effluent discharged into water streams is monitored on a monthly basis for compliance.

The electrical function provides maintenance support services related to bulk power purchase and distribution, electrical metering and prepaid vending, irrigation equipment and related capital projects.

The Property Department also manages the security of all company assets through the combined activity of an internal security function and outsourced security services.


The risk management program was initiated in 2004 and covers several areas as follows:

The Corporate Risk function goes through an annual process in which senior management collectively identifies all the major risks that could affect the company.

Under business units an Insurance audit is also completed each year. Critical areas covered are risk management, emergency preparedness, fire defence, health and safety, security and motor fleet.

Using ISO systems, the Risk Department facilitates and coordinates an integrated management system.

Under the Environmental function, the Risk Department provides an oversight to all Divisions on environmental issues to ensure that all the obligations that are required of the company are met.