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RSSC is the leading and world-class energy farmer, which produces energy for people (sugar), household energy (co-generation) and energy for cars (E10 bio-fuel). 

Although RSSC is predominantly a sugar company, ethyl alcohol is becoming a viable alternative revenue stream. We ventured into ethanol when the company acquired Bayside Distillers which was later relocated to Southgate in Durban and renamed Royal Swazi Distillers (RSD). Since then our ethanol division has grown from strength to strength to become a major player in the international ethanol market without losing its regional relevance. Our plant is engineered to produce superior quality extra neutral ethyl alcohol for high value application.

Beverage grade ethanol

We produce high grade fermentation extra neutral alcohol 96.4% from home grown sugar cane molasses with a variety of uses, such as alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals and other products. Our back-end distillery is strategically located next to the source of raw material, i.e. adjacent to our sugar mills making it easier to handle inbound logistics for the benefit of the final user. We also produce high quality white Rum, which is our premium flagship product.

Feints or heads & tails

We also produce feints, which is synonymously called heads and tails, and it is used in the manufacturing of methylated spirit, bio-gels, mine water treatment and so forth. This is a fully denatured product that consists of more than 1% fusel oil.

Compressed molasses stillage:

We also produce compressed molasses stillage with rich potassium content. It is blended with nitrogen and phosphoric acid to make liquid fertilizer, which is a good substitute for granular fertilizer.

Carbon dioxide

RSSC believes in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in order to protect and leave a habitable environment for future generation. We have identified the carbon market as an investment opportunity. The company embarked on a carbon reduction program, which involves harvesting carbon dioxide, green harvesting, substituting coal with wood chips and other green initiatives. If the government can enact carbon tax we believe it can accelerate the take-off of most carbon programs.


 Ethanol Production Process